March 04, 2014


Unfortunately I never got the chance to show the dress I bought from this gorgeous material (previous post). I haven't found
a way yet to wear it in winter because I hate tights, but as soon as the temperature goes up it will be the first thing I wear. 

Besides that... Check out my new coat. I saw this baby a while ago on the h&m website, but wanted to try it on first.
But because of this special label it has never been sold in store. But a few days ago I found one in store, which was
a mistake from H&M. Yay for me! A musthave in my wardrobe and super comfy and easy to combine. 

You can buy it → here ←  

February 16, 2014


         Does it also comes in black? The the main question that pops up every time I'm shopping. 
This time I chose a white turtleneck to add to my wardrobe. A simple piece that is 
timeless and never goes out of style. 

Turtleneck from Zara

February 10, 2014


It has been a while, 38 days to be precise and I don't know where time has been. Last week I've started my internship again, 
which unfortunately means less time for blogging. A lot of things have changed, have been bought and need to be shown on my 
blog. I hope as soon as possible, but I'm quite good at saying that. So for now I wanted to publish these photo's from a book 
I've bought a time ago. All the big moments in Mcqueens life published in one book, which called: 
"De liefde kijkt niet met de ogen".

January 03, 2014


A piece I wanted for a while but never bought for some reason until now. 
I really like how the fabric looks on this picture and especially how good it was chosen for this design.

more pictures are coming soon 


I'm wearing my monki coat (again), C&A turtleneck, Zara trousers and new COS shoes. 

Finally you can see these shoes in action! After a few days wearing them (inside the house with thick socks)
they're finally walked in enough for the streets. Sounds kinda ghetto lmaoo. But seriously though, I can't wait
to wear them with wide cropped trousers which I'm looking for at the moment! (anyone?), long/midi dresses in
summer and mix them up with all kind of socks.

And there it is again.. The Monki coat which I can't leave at home. Not really warm and made for winter but oh
so comfortable. These two.. no actually all of these pieces I wear in this post are my wardrobe essentials.

A good pair of trousers which can wore on different occasions. A basic turleneck which is comfy and can be
mixed with all kinds of clothes throughout the year. A long coat that can be thrown over almost every outfit
and finishis the outfit. And last but certainley not least: a good pair of shoes that maybe will cost a bit
more but will last long instead of shoes that are 'in style' right now from stores that sell fast-fashion

P.S: I hope you've all had a great New Year's!

December 26, 2013


In my last post I published my christmas wishlist, and one of the things on it was the Maison Martin Margiela book 
I wanted for so long. The reason I didn't bought it earlier was that I wasn't too sure if I wanted to pay that much for a book. 

Thank you santa for leaving me this wonderful gift.