May 19, 2011


Vintage or second hand, it's something not everyone understands.
Musty,dusty old shops somewhere in an alley or old women with their booth full of junk, yep that's the place to be

2nd hand is not for poor people but for those who love the fashion of the past.
Many people think that second hand is dirty, old and totally worn out. WRONG!

Ofcourse there are lots of crap, don't expect the Chanel bags on top, you need to search!
Most of the time second hand clothing is made of better quality fabrics and they have the true model of the past and not as many shops like h&m are trying to copy with names as:
'Back to the seventies' or 'Funky eighties'
Personally, I think the name 'vintage' isn't correct.
Vintage is just a name to make second hand sound more beautiful so all the fashionista's and fashion dolls can buy it without shame. ' what, it's vintage?!' because second hand doesn't sound fabulous enough.