September 21, 2011

Schoolday outfit

sweater vintage, blouse berskha, pants h&m, shoes primark

So school started.. and i haven't got the time to do anything else because I've got class
everyday till mostly 5 o' clock! That's why these pictures are so dark, i made them in
the evening because i need to post my outfit ;-)
I'm so in love with my new sweater, i bought this baby along with 2 others
on a vintage market for only 10 euro's! 3 sweaters for 10 euro's!! can you believe it! 

Well it's a little bit late here in holland so i need to go to bed because I need to get up really
early, I'm gonna try to post a little bit more outfits and streetwear, only if u guys like it? 
So tell me what you think.

Much love and goodnight. 


  1. Geweldig! Vooral het blouse & de trui!

  2. hele leuke combinatie! En wow... tot 5 uur? Wat stom. Jaaaa, meer posts! :D

  3. Hello sweetie. My name is Mohanna, I'm Brazilian. Well, everyday I visit a lot of blogs, I like to see the trends arround the world and before I find yours I didn't comment, but I love your style, so I'm here. Ps.: So beautiful the sweater.. sorry for any error

  4. Totally adore this outfit. <3


  5. Hele leuke blog! Je had een reactie geplaatst onder mijn interview op fancy; show your style!
    Ik volg je:).

    xxx Laura