November 27, 2011

Fake tattoos

Can you remember when you got your first pocket money and you were so happy 
that you finally could buy your own stuff, so you went to buy some bubblegum and
you get a fake tattoo for free! So the next day you were going to school looking 
like a pirate because you went crazy with all the tattoos. (yeah those were the days)

Well know it's back, I think this concept is really cool and new because tattoos 
nowadays are trendy and raw but not everyone is going to have one because its a 'trend'.
WWW.FAKETATTOOS.SE/EN gives you the chance to be a little child 
again and make you go crazy all over again with all kind of designs and colors.
These tattoos don't have any toxic on them and last 3-5 days, so perfect if you
have a party or just for fun!

I came in contact with this great website and the send me 2 tattoos to try it out.
so here an example of my tatts ;-)

Exclusive Offer if you use the special vip code Disco fever you get 10% off on everything on the site!

I think i just wanna be a little child again and get my free fake 
tattoos with my bubble gum, don't you?
Those were the days...

1 comment:

  1. Leuk idee, maar vind het er toch wat nep uitzien. Heb zelf 6 echte tattoos en vind dat toch wel mooier. Maar ik kan me voorstellen dat er genoeg mensen zijn die dit een veiliger idee vinden omdat ze er dan niet aan vast zitten.