January 10, 2012


So I didn't post anything like this before so I thought why not show you all the things I carry 
most days of the weeks with me. These are the things that I can't live without and just drag 
with me day in day out. (especially on schooldays)

This is what you see: My little everything, my laptop , a bottle of water otherwise I will die,
blackberry, favourite sense of body lotion from the body shop it called Moringa
a daily newspaper (just to keep up to date) , an umbrella since I've told you guys 
about a million times that it rains all the times!☂ , my canon
camera (is in the black little purse), my black notebook that's actually 
my agenda and a big grey notebook to write down everything and make schoolwork.

So that's about it, what do you drag with you all day long? 



  1. leuke post!
    haha, ik koop ook altijd moringa, die is echt fijn. <3

  2. Nice post!

    Love, Petra

  3. I also always have a bottle of water in my bag!
    Think I might do a post like this someday (: xx