January 18, 2012

A tropical twist

When I woke up this morning I looked out of my window and I could feel the cold
just by looking at the colors of the air. I heard the wind almost screaming and I knew this
day will be terrible if I would like it or not. So why not give this day a little sparkle
with my tropical Versace for h&m top. Love the palm trees and the sunny atmosphere.

Now nothing more about clothes,
This is a part of my favorite song at the moment: Selah sue - Black part love. (acoustic version) 

You're freezed and I try to make, you're freezed and I try to make you warm 
'Cause you, always got what it takes, to act like you're some kind of hard ass clown
But I, I know better than that I know you way too long.
See I know about your background, it wasn't easy, I know for sure
But that's no reason to crack, it's in the past, so learn to let it go.
Be who you are now, and who you're supposed to be.

Now listen girl, earn how to love yourself again
And then just fly out girl, 'cause you're worth it, oh.
You fell and I try to get, you fell and I try to get you up
'Cause when things don't work out, oh no, you shut yourself up, let it
all just drop.
But that is not the way it works, that's not the way it works.


p.s thank you all for all the lovely comments for the previous post! 


  1. Fijn nummertje is dat van Selah he! Vind het album sowieso al goed :).

    Leuke outfit (die uit de vorige post ook trouwens)!

  2. Jaa dat liedje is mooi! leuke outfit ook hihi

  3. Nice outfit!


  4. I love how tropical the top looks, it definetley makes the outfit much brighter <3

  5. what a great a idea to spice up that rainy weather! you have beautiful hair too :) //dariadaria

  6. Lovely!! The top is so gorgeous.


  7. lovely blog ...very pretty outfit i likeeeeeee xoxoox

  8. You look great. You're so pretty! Thanks for the song, can't stop playing it now haha.