March 06, 2012

Flower power

h&m pants, vintage sweater and shoes from c&a. 

As I promised.. say hi to my new pants! I'm so in love this with flower pattern I think this pants
would look so beautiful in summer! And not because this 'floral hype' is a trend I just like printed
pants and I think almost everyone could wear them.

Oh and for most of the people who didn't knew..
March 22 the first edition of Vogue Netherlands will be published and I'm so excited! Just because
as I told you in the 'vintage' post we do not really have 'fashion' magazines and the one that call
themselves fashion magazines are more showing clothing that everyone already is wearing and what most
of the dutch people want to see and not what we don't know or might never have seen. So I hope with
whole my heart that Vogue will make a difference but I think that will be fine otherwise Anna (Wintour)
will kick some butt!

Hope you like it ;-)



  1. Oh god, love it! :) And your hair are beautiful :)

  2. Happen the same to me with pastel colours, it's trend now, but I really love this colours a lot of time ago. Anyway, cool pants :)

  3. Very nice babe!

    Xo kimberley

  4. leeuk! heb de broek ook, maar wat een leuke combi heb jij gemaakt met die schoentjes!

  5. So pretty! Seriously love your trousers!

    PS. We’ve a giveaway to Number A on our blog! Check it out if you’d like! :)

    ox from NYC!


  6. Moooie broek!

  7. loving the printed pants on you <3

    xx jasmine

  8. Super leuke print. I,m a follower now.
    Check mijn blog op
    If you like you can follow back.

    xxx Maruschka

  9. This outfit looks great! I´m so happy, when I receive these pants I´ve ordered few weeks ago.


  10. your so pretty! love the h&m pants x