March 05, 2012

New in

Two new items that I bought today, I must say if I did'nt had seen them in real I would
not buy it because the look very crappy on this pictures but I will show you them soon!
As I told you guys in the 'wishlist' post I was looking for a floral printed pants, well I
finally found the perfect one! (although my sister also bought it a few days ago) and the
dress is so cute! It's a really soft fabric and it's a really cool print if you take a closer look.

See you in the next post with (hopefully one of these items!)


p.s because this post is so small I will make an outfit tomorrow!


  1. I ordered these trousers the other day too! I can't wait for them to turn up xx

  2. Those trousers are so cool!

  3. i love those h&m pants but cant find them everywhere! xx

  4. I was thinking of getting those pants aswell
    Would love to see an outfit post with them!

  5. ik wil die broek ook zooo graag.

  6. The look is GORGEOUS miss. Love that you've worn brogues, adds such a boyish touch. perfect dear! x