March 23, 2012

Not a geek

These pictures describe a bit what I've been up to this week. Well, where should I start..
Tumblr! I'm a bit addicted I think, I love to see all those inspirational pictures and finding
good music. I'm also addicted, well maybe addicted is a big word but I love to be on Twitter also!
It isn't that I'm tweeting for like every minute and that's also with tumblr, I just love to watch
other people their pictures and tweets! I'm not a geek haha! The third pictures is me making a
collage at school for a project.
Well and the last picture.. Last weekend I turned 17 and I went to a party with my bestfriend and
this photo is the result haha I had a great night.
I will be posting other stuff really soon, maybe tomorrow!

What have you been up to this week?


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