April 15, 2012

Beautiful dusty dress

Primark heels, River Island dress

So in the previous post I said I would do an outfit post with that beautiful white top. But I just didn't
got the time and when I've got, my friend/photographer didn't got the time. So really annoying and I actually
wore it yesterday but more as in a 'relaxe' outfit with a legging and vans haha. I will probably shoot
some pictures this week and I also can't wait to show you the other top/dress what I've told you about.

This picture has nothing to do with the whole story but just wanted to add a nice photo to the story.
Oh and this dress (that lays under the shoes), the weather is finally changing so maybe I can wear it
soon! Last year I bought this dress for my school 'prom' (a bbq and party haha) but never had the
opportunity to wear again and that's quite sad for this cute dress. to become all dusty in my closet.
I will not say "I will show you soon'' because I don't know if I show you soon and I also told you
that in the previous post and now it's almost a week later!

So my test week is finally over and I think I'm gonna buy that salmon-colored blazer because I can't
stop thinking about it. I just need to wait till pay-day..  Oh and I forgot to show you my hair!
(which I've dyed) there's one picture on my twitter! (but I've re-do it and it's much brighter now)



  1. Die hakken zijn ontzettend mooi!

  2. Wat zijn die schoenen prachtig zeg!

  3. Prachtige schoenen!

  4. Wow you have a lot of thing to show us! I want to see this dress completly, but I understand you because the weather is not good and I waste all my time with my examns.

  5. die schoenen hebben we ook, die zijn zo leuk!


  6. great photo

    xo xo Nicol


  7. Oeh wat een leuke combi!
    Love it beide,
    Visit or follow back? hihi
    New post about Coca Cola's release
    With Jean Paul Gaultier!

  8. Heey! ik vind je smaak echt super leuk! ik had alleen een paar vraagjes over wholesale. Ik wil namelijk ook wat dingen bestellen nadat ik je mooie schoenen zag voor zo'n goedkope prijs! :) Zijn de verzendkosten erg duur, hoe lang duurt het verzenden ongeveer en ziet alles er een beetje hetzelfde uit als wat je hebt besteld? alvast heel erg bedankt! xx

    1. Hay, ik zou je graag verder helpen maar je staat helaas op anoniem als je me anders mailt op lovelynoah.blog@gmail.com
      kan ik je wat meer informatie geven ;-) x

  9. die schoenen zijn echt prachtig!
    En je jurkje ziet er ook leuk uit!

  10. Mooie hakken!!! Wauuww


  11. Ah superleuk die print van het jurkje!

  12. Superleuk! Mooie foto's maak je, ik volg je vanaf nu :) X Annemarie

    GIVE AWAY: http://jemappelleannemarie.blogspot.com/2012/04/hey-lovely-readers-i-thought-it-was.html

  13. I loooove that white top! I have to check and see if the H&M here has them! This photo in this post is gorgeous! The dress must be beautiful! What kind of camera do you use?

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