May 06, 2012

Dream away

Zara - TRF price €89.95

Everyone have those websites that they almost check everyday for inspiration or just to dream away
with, and so am I. Since I saw these beautiful shoes last week on the Zara website I can't keep them 
out of my mind and I'm going nuts! I just need to have them but.. with a capital B. I need to pay my 
phone bill, need to have money for my morning coffees, sandwich visits and smoothies (that I buy way to much).
So dilemma dilemma... I can buy them and just need to watch my bank account for this month. 
Or... Need to wait till next paycheck but that's so long ;-(. Oh I even got 
some cute clothes/ideas to match them with!


p.s new girl crush. Bip Ling


  1. I say, buy! They would look perfect on you, and sanwiched and smoothies can wait right? If necessary you make them yourself, saves a lot of money! (;

  2. wauw, deze zijn zó mooi!
    Ik denk dat je beter kunt wachten tot je volgende loon, als je ze dan nog steeds zo graag wilt weet je in ieder geval zeker dat je ze écht veel gaat dragen!

  3. LOVE. Super great blog!

  4. Amazing style and love your recommendations.Though I confess, I do wish that first dress would work a little better for those of us with curves.I like to arrange in pairs with .I thought you can try it.