May 25, 2012

House of orange

So monday I promised 'tomorrow' and yesterday I didn't had all the pictures ready so I apologize! 
But I'm also a student and not a 24/7 blogger so I don't always have all the time unfortunately. 
But ok, back to the pictures. Monday I went to the House of Orange as a make-up model for 
one of the students there. The House of Orange is a company who has many categories, such as: 
hairdressers, visagists, models, photographers and interior stylists. You can follow a course or a 
fast training to get your licence as professional into the fashion world. But you also can be registered 
as a model, photographer or interior stylist (like an agency). If you'd ever read a dutch fashion 
magazine then you certainly have seen it before or the name sounds familiar, so pretty cool. 
A beautiful location in the city of Amsterdam with nice people and food and drinks .


p.s the picture of the result will come! oh and tomorrow I'm 'modeling' again so see you 
in the next post!

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