May 11, 2012

It's already May!

I'm wearing a vintage levi denim jacket, h&m top, primark jeans, zara shoes.

This is what I wore today. Well 'today' is a big word. But what I wore a part of the day. 
I almost stayed at home whole day just relaxing in my pj's ^_^. Yesterday I wanted to wear 
my new shoes because it wasn't that cold since a long time but the whole day it looked like 
it could start raining any moment. And open shoes and rain? not a good match. 

Yesterday I realized that it's already May and that means that the school year is almost over. 
My first year of learning what I'm going to do the rest of my life. The time has gone so fast! 
But it also means that the summer holiday is coming and again that means.. Shopping, working 
(making some moneeey baby$$$), going to festivals, maybe a weekend to Barcelona with my 
best friend and well.. I'll see what the summer is going to bring me. 

Do you already made some plans for summer? 



  1. Die schoenen zijn echt amazing! Heerlijk dat het bijna zomervakantie is, can't wait! Nu maar hopen dat het weer nog wel wat beter wordt;)

  2. Ja, can't believe it's already May! Gaat zo snel!
    Leuke outfit!

  3. perfect outfit to welcome the spring.. all white! LOVE IT

  4. Great shoes babe!

    X Petra

  5. je schoenen zijn zo mooi ! en mijn plannen voor deze vakantie is een weekje zee en shopping !!!

  6. Echt een supermooie foto van jou, mooie omgeving ook!

  7. je schoenen zijn ├ęcht geweldig!
    Ik kan ook niet wachten tot de zomer vakantie! Lekker naar italie en lowlands. :D

  8. Love your ombre hair!!! :)