June 06, 2012

Bleached and destroyed

So a few days ago I was cleaning up my closet and found this denim shirt that I bought a while ago.
I didn't want to throw it away because it is way to beautiful (and bought it for only 2 euros!)
but I actually never wear it.. So I thought lets change it a little.

At first I cut of the sleeves, destroyed it with scissors and a grater and after that I bleached it
like crazy! 2 days of work and a house that smelled like cra-zy (because of the bleach) later, this
is the result! I'm very happy with it and I think I'm gonna wear it a lot in summer! with a pair of
loafers/allstars or leather boots.


p.s I wanted to post this earlier but my programs didn't work :-(, oh and here you can see my
new piercing! ^_^


  1. I love it!!!!!



  2. Ahh this is amazing! Great work :)

    from L U A R


  3. post some more outfit pics please, this was my favorite blog of all but not anymore :(

  4. hij is echt heel leuk geworden! Ik kan me voorstellen dat dat gaat stinken ja, haha.
    (ik vind het normaal heel vervelend als mensen dit zeggen, maar nu doe ik het zelf toch ook maar: wil je misschien kijken naar m'n nieuwe post? Ik zoek nog mensen die met me meewillen naar een event dit weekend en misschien lijkt jou dat ook wel leuk. :)

  5. Heel tof geworden, vind dat oversizede heel goed staan! En coole piercing, ik wil er ook nog zo een!

  6. Looks awsome!
    Please check out my blog too at Miss Tangerine :)

  7. Great DIY and piercing suits you really good :)