June 18, 2012

Your boyfriend hates it

Despite it-girls, fashion icons and trend setters I don't want to called fashionable, to me it

sounds like you follow fashion on every little detail, color and fabric. I wear what ever I
like and sometimes this may be a hype but other times it's everything except that. I feel like
'fashionable' is a little misconception, it's like (as I said before) you follow everything that
is in 'fashion' and don't have an own voice. (that's what it feels like to me).
I think every girl need to wear whatever they like and how more it's further away from what's in the mags 
(the real glittery fashion hype mags that only last for a week) sarcastic of course. 
the more the world will except people with different sense of style. But of course we're still
humans and we want the opposite sex to like us, it's in our nature and to attract them but we got
our whole lives to do that. I find it sad when I hear people say the love something but won't wear
it because their 'boyfriend' hates it. Come on.. your boyfriend isn't going to wear that skirt isn't he?!
wear what you like and if it different from the rest of your environment.. so be like that. 



  1. Wow. Totally agree. Respect for your words!

  2. I'm so glad someone brought this up because people just need to be themselves and be happy. Last year I went shopping with my boyfriend and I got this shirt and he absolutely hated it and I wore it all the time just to prove to him that I am going to be who I want and no one is going to stop it. :)

  3. I think fashionable is when you follow the trends and style is your personal taste that is great!


  4. je hebt helemaal gelijk! Echt zo'n onzin als je iets niet aandoet voor je vriendje! En inderdaad, het is veel leuker als iedereen een eigen stijl heeft.

  5. hei, i love your style!:) you have a new follower now!, if you want we can follow each other!