August 16, 2012


In the previous post I didn't talked much about Antwerp. Well, it was great! The second day I went to Forever 21,
Urban Outfitters and New look, 3 stores we don't have here back in Holland. Despite that I didn't bought that much I'm so
happy with my new goodies. I finally found the perfect black bag at h&m, a cool new spike earring, 2 super inspiring
books (see previous post) and some cute underwear. 

I never had homesickness before but when I woke up Tuesday (the firstday back in Holland) I felt bored and I wanted 
to get some coffee around the corner, enjoy the sun with a cigarette and walk thru the city without a thick jacket or scarf. 
I know Belgium isn't really very different from Holland but I loved all the beautiful big buildings and wide streets.

Ohh beautiful big city.. I will be back soon! 


  1. New Look zit in Rotterdam! Just so you know als je er nog een keer heen wil :)

  2. Hele leuke foto!
    en antwerpen is zo leuk <3


  3. Forever 21 viel mij daar ook tegen!

    X Petra

  4. Ah wat leuk dat je Antwerpen zo leuk vond!
    Het is echt mijn lievelingsstad hier!
    + die foto is echt leuk bewerkt

  5. Antwerpen is echt zooooo leuuk! Urban Outfitters verslaafde hier! ;P
    Anyway, mooie outfit!

    liefs, Tessa