August 29, 2012

We've all experienced

I love to see what people are carrying all day long with them, and I know I did a similar post a while ago 
but a lot has changed. I think that what's insides people their bag tell so much about them. For example
a friend of my always but then again ALWAYS take a huge bag with her even if we go to the supermarket or 
just to pick something up.. well you get it. And what's inside? Well lets see.. make up, stuff for your
hair, earrings, water, food, wallet, clothes and I can go on and on but you get it. She's a bit messy. 
I like to carry a few but important stuff with me, who wants to carry a heavy bag anyway? But hey! Most 
of us are women and it's just a thing we do right? Bring stuff with us 'just in case', and we all know 
that we probably don't even gonna use it. And after a week or two you find it again, hanging in your bag 
and you didn't even knew that you've lost it. (we've all experienced). Oh and what I already took out when 
I came home isn't unimportant either: a bottle of water, I take that everywhere. Water is always good :).
My menthol nose inhaler (it's a little addiction) but it just smells so good! And ofcourse my camera otherwise 
I wouldn't be able to put these pictures up! 

What do you see? 
- my earphones for when I'm traveling.
- cigarettes + lighter
- Rayban Wayfarer
- Iphone
- wallet
- favorite body lotion from the Body shop
- Coco Chanel parfume

Tell me what junk you carry with you all day.


  1. I'm a Coco Mademoiselle perfume fan also. I'm always carrying way to much stuff, I like to have everything I might need inside my bag, you never know what can happen. xx

  2. Love it!! Maybe I should do one too because I made my 'What's in my bag'-post in 2010 haha!

  3. I really enjoy products from the body shop, it actually make me feel good to buy there because of their natural ingredients and cruelty free policy!