September 21, 2012

An exhausting morning


 How my week looked like starting on Wednesday.
I had 2 hours of 'gym class' at school and well.. 

I didn't expected very much from it until my teacher told me he was an ex-marine. Oh-my-goodness! 
All my muscles hurt and I wouldn't be able to walk up and down the stairs in school. 
You know I'm overreacting (I always am) but you get it, I'm in pain! 

Thursday I also had to work from 6 till 9 p.m and today I started at freaking 8.15 AM!! You might
think, what's wrong with that?! Well whats wrong with that is that I don't live near school and that 
I left my house at 6.50 a.m because I had to catch the train in time! After an exhausting morning
without coffee I had 2 hours of web design, and after that.. we went to the studio for a radio show. 
And that-is-it! 

Sunday I have to work but tomorrow I can do everything I want. Oh and yesterday I went to h&m and
tried on so many beautiful stuff! Unfortunately I'm totally broke right now but Tuesday is payday! 
So you know what that means..

I'm wearing a Berskha top, Zara pants and shoes from c&a.


  1. Great outfit!!! I love the photos!


  2. Love these pictures! The white blouse is beautiful!:)


    Mia's Little Corner

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  4. Love this outfit; simplicity.

  5. gorgeous photos! and those shoes are lovely! xox

  6. You look great here! And oh God, an ex-marine...I expect you're just about dead

  7. simple and classic! nothing better than a perfect white blouse :)

  8. yey! your blog is so cool! your pants are really great, i want ones! :) what do you think about following each other?

    much love,