September 25, 2012

Little illustrations

My mom brought me this bag today and I actually really like it. I like the little illustrations and the simply black and white contrast. 
I'm very difficult when it comes to shoes and bags, of course this isn't an everydaybig leather bag or something but you get it. 
I really like these cotton bags where you can throw allyour stuff in it and they're actually really strong!  
I didn't ask where she bought it but I don't care. I like it and this is my new bag!

Oh and I'm really into a band I discoverd. Some of you may think ''you didn't knew them?!''
but this band has stolen my heart and made me an addict. I also ordered their new album today,  
The Coexist (which comes slipping into my house and is taking it over by tomorrow).

The xx, you made my day.


  1. Erg leuk! Nog bedankt voor je lieve comment:)

  2. Lovely print ;)

  3. Mooie tas, je blog vind ik ook erg leuk. Goede stijl heb je! Ik volg je:)

  4. Die tas is echt superleuk! Echt iets wat je ook heel leuk zelf kan doen :D

    Hope you'll drop by soon,