October 01, 2012

Hairy monki

So last Thuesday was payday, and everyone knows what that means! 
Well, I'm not really a bigspender.
I love thrift stores and sale as much as brand new clothes. But yesterday I went to Amsterdam to search
for some news items for my winter-wardrobe. First of all I have seen the most beautiful winter
jacket ev-er!! Unfortunately I don't have the money.. well I have but then I need to live the rest of
the month like hobo. So... you get it !

But lets talk about my new shoes! I just took few steps into the Monki store and saw these gorgeous, chunky, hairy cuties! I can't even stopped looking at them today. 
They're totally my style and I love they're a bit grungy.

I'm wearing a sweater from h&m, my favorite Primark jeans and Monki shoes. 

p.s As I told you in the previous post.. I'm obsessed with The xx. 


  1. Ah superleuk! Vind het leuk dat ze een beetje chunky zijn, maakt ze toch weer anders!

  2. Leuke outfit :), die trui van de H&M heb ik ook!

  3. Love the shoes and the outfit and your blog! You're amazing! www.moiminnie.blogspot.com xx

  4. ahh i need shoes like this!!

  5. Love your hair, love your shoes!
    -Imani Love

  6. this outfit is amazing-your style is brillian! by the way i followed your gorgeous blog! do you think you could check out mine & maybe follow or just leave a comment. would love to hear from you! x

  7. the monki shoes are to die for... like your style/blog