October 17, 2012

Terrible Wednesday

A little bit of inspiration on this terrible Wednesday. As my day started so did my bad karma. 
My train whichwas delayed, de bus that didn't show up so I came too late at school, this crazy cold that comes out of nowhereand just a feeling which is hard to explain in words. 
I think it's just autumn depression (although I love autumn).
"I'm not very sad, but I'm not very happy either; it feels like I'm 
somewhere in the middle". 

                                                                                            None of these pictures are mine. 


  1. I feel exactly the same right now. Probably an autumn thing indeed. These pictures are beautiful though. Can't believe I didn't knew of your blog before you are amazing following u now :). I guess I'll end this comment so I can scroll through your older posts now hihi x

  2. wat is die foto met dat witte vlak met rare dingetjes erin? rechtsboven

  3. awesome inspiration, your blog is really cool x

  4. Love the socks and sandals (they do work)

    And your Monki shoes in the previous post are fab