November 02, 2012


No time for excuses, I've just been a very bad blogger for not posting for so long. 
Don't get me wrong, I love autumn/winter but unfortunately it's becoming darker earlier and yeah.. 
no time to make some outfit pictures. 
'Back in the days' I hated sweaters, knits or any kind of top with a turtleneck but my mom always 
told me that I should were them in the winter to not to get sick. 
I'd felt restive and claustrophobic wearing a tight fabric around my neck. 
But this year as I noticed my style had made some big changes, wearing so much black and white, 
black on black, layers and trying to combine different kinds of fabrics, I choose to try it one. 
And to my surprise I really fell for this kind of style. 

Although it was freaking cold today I couldn't resist to wear 
these shoes again. I feel kinda sad when I don't wear something for a long time.. 
and yeah my toes were frozen at the end of the day, but it was worth it. 

Now something quite different. I wanted to share a blog with you guys about music, fashion, 
life and so much more! 
The owner/writer of this blog is a friend of mine, Sam. She's a starting blogger with 
so much writing potential and that's why I wanted the world to meet

And at last I wanted to thank you all for supporting me and following even though I haven't 
been posting regularly. 

I'm wearing Zara shoes, Primark jeans, C&A turtleneck and my cardigan is from Soaked. 


  1. Ik heb precies hetzelfde als het op coltruien aankomt haha!
    Maar het staat je super in deze outfit en de heels maken het helemaal af!

  2. Prachtige heels!

  3. Love the pop of yellow from your shoes!! and your hair is cool too!!