November 25, 2012

Maison Martin Margiela x H&M

''It's never too late for Margiela''. The last couple of days/weeks I didn't had the time to check the new
Maison Martin Margiela for h&m collection out. Of course I've looked it over and over again online but friday
I went to Amsterdam with my sister (who works for h&m) and my heart began to beat when I saw the diamond of the
collection, the leather jacket. I made a little wishlist of pieces I wanted to have. repeat WISH-list.
Because a poor student like me can't afford Margiela.

#1. the leather jacket
#2. the black booties with perspex heel
#3. Bracelet. 

Even though I knew I couldn't afford it, I needed to try some stuff on. And the only thing I want to say
is: THOSE SHOES ARE AMAZING! Nevertheless, my sister told me she gets 50% off everything..
Everybody would go nuts if they have seeing all those stupid pictures of people with huge bags
on instagram, all smiling and wearing their clothes.. and I didn't even have seen it in real life.
Okey so I know I'm a bit overreacting but you need to understand this was a horrible month of
frustrations at school and shopping is a  really good 'feel-good' boost.

To make a long story short: 
I bought the bracelet and I'm a very happy person :).


  1. heel mooi! ik heb die zwarte laarsjes, en ze lopen voor geen meter. Maar mooi zijn ze zeker ;)


  2. I really hope to get that bracelet as well, I already got a few MMM x H&M items but that bracelet I still want to get it. xx

  3. Love it! Have the bracelet too :)