November 10, 2012



It has been 8 days since my last post.. 8 days! I'm really trying to post on a regular basic but I don't
want to post something 'just to post'. You know what I mean? So I will bring my camera with me more often
and shoot on different locations also. Although I like the basic white wall.

I'm actually thinking about giving my blog a little MAKE OVER.
Everybody changes. Different interests, moods and sources of inspiration. Don't get me wrong, I still
like the lay-out but it just need a little more 'modern touch'. A feeling in which I'm also based my
clothing style and mood on. More black/white and simplicity. I'm also thinking about a new header but
it's so hard! Not to design one, but to drop the 'well known' Lovelynoah sign.. Not to be cocky with
'well known' but the header is printed on my business cards, online features and everywhere I can think off.

I was always into pastel colors and aztec kinda signs but it's just
fading away. As I look thru my old pictures and inspiration files, 
I see I'm changing.. Maybe growing or just getting older.

From crazy showing outfits to a more simple, grungy way of styling
(which I really like).

As well as my thoughts on blogging. Sometimes I really don't feel like blogging and just feel like I will
have so much peace/tranquility and rest if I just decide to quit. I'm making it sounds like it's something
horrible like homework and duty but I don't mean it like that at all! I always get excited when I'm choosing
pictures and preparing a new post. And when I push that orange 'publish' button..
Well lets say my day can't go wrong. I love to show you guys my new outfits, thoughts on things in life
(most of the time just my girly teenage stuff) and express myself in a way I can not always do in real life.
(because most of my friends aren't really into fashion/culture or art).

I just feel the pressure to post something that will satisfy. Satisfy on my own requirements.
Other wise my day will be shitty, my mood will be grumpy and I can't look at my blog without hating it.
But really HATING it. That's what I mean with 'pressure'. As I look to the future..
I'm not giving this up but this is also the reason I'm not a 'everyday-posting-blogger'.

For the times I'm not posting 'regularly' you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram @iloonadevries

I'm wearing a vintage leather jacket, American vintage sweater, 
c&a skirt and Monki shoes. 


  1. Hele gave outfit en super mooie foto's! Ik ben ook helemaal verliefd op jouw haar, haha keep it up! <3

  2. geweldige jas! Ik snap wat je bedoeld met het posten. Het kost toch best veel tijd en ook al moet je het doen omdat je het leuk vind, toch is dat niet altijd zo. Maar kwaliteit is toch altijd belangrijk dan kwantiteit!

  3. Wauw wat een mooi leren jasje!

  4. Thanks for your sweet comment! Love your style and the skirt! xx

  5. You're so stylin! LOVE this outfit, I am such a sucker for leather jackets. Yum

  6. Love the jacket, you look great!


  7. love the shoes and jacket

  8. change is a good thing! just take your time and everything will be fine (:

  9. Ik vind je logo heel leuk of het nou wel of niet bij je stijl past:)
    Maar bevries jij niet?? Brr ik krijg het koud als ik naar de fotos kijk haha

  10. Love this look, is edgy and feminine at the same time! :)

  11. cute look!