December 05, 2012


Since my life have become quite hectic I didn't had time to be blogging, or even think about blogging.
I'm searching for an internship, writing letters, doing research and all kinds of stuff and I'm getting
crazy at school. But to make life a little bit easier I've got my hands on this beautiful leather jacket
from the 'Margiela x H&M' collection (in sale for 80 euros). 
(which was on my wishlist☟). 

Ever since Asos got a new payment for the dutch online shoppers I've been looking on it everyday.
Almost everyday. Because I hate Paypal. Maybe it's just me but I don't get it.. and a creditcard...
yeahh you know what might happen! + I'm not 18 yet haha. I really like the fact that they're so simple,
and it's an eight-pack with all kinds of different lengths so you can wear as much as you like.
Get the here. ↞

Today's details. 
Margiela jacket + Asos rings.


  1. i can't believe the MMMxH&M pieces went in the sale! i can't complain mind i bagged a bracelet and a pair of the khaki pants for £25, but i'm not as lucky as you getting that jacket x

  2. nice details..ik vind de ringen prachtig!

    xx Mounia
    Nonchalant Rebel

  3. Leuke post! Ik ben zelf ook druk op zoek naar een stageplek :)

  4. YES, I LOVE THIS SO SO MUCH. I am so following. I hope you can check out my site: and join. Thanks for your time. God Bless and Keep Posting :) !


  5. I love the rings!
    Happy New Year! xx