January 31, 2013


Don't you just love the Polyvore sets you see all over the internet?! If you'd never seen it, go search for it on Tumblr! 
They're not just sets with clothing, they are 'feelings'. If you know what I mean. Clothes that match the accessories. 
Accessories like a bottle of water, a perfume or a book, or maybe just a quote that fits the whole thing. 
A cute summer outfit with pineapple juice and a bubbly song. stuff like that, something that match the idea of the post. 
It's quite hard to explain if you don't know what I mean so I command you to search for it :p ! 
A song that fits this set? Artic Monkeys - from the ritz to the rubble

As you look at the picture you can see a lot of black. Just the way I like it! 
Especially with this weather, all I want to wear are my dr. Martens and a few black layers of clothing. 

On this picture:
Zara bag from this post☜ *click click*. (my sister gave it to me!) 
'DAMN GOOD ADVICE' One of the books I'm re-reading.
Rayban Wayfarer, my all time favorite!
Lace-soft bra from Monki. It's strange to show my undies on here :p
A super comfy sweater from h&m trend section that contains fur on the front

Music tip!
My favorite song at the moment: Haim - don't save me
A song that directly reminds me of Monki. (my all time favorite store!)


  1. love polyvore, totally know what you mean, too. ah, why did your sister give you that bag! it's beautiful, i would have kept it if i was her, ha. that bra is lovely too, i always contemplate getting it when i browse monki but i'm unsure of it. is it comfortable?

  2. Aww thanks so much for following - I'm now following you, not because you followed me but because your blog is great! I am so in love with this jumper - I may have to track it down myself! So simple but the fur makes it unexpectedly cool! x

  3. Love your real-life collage! And perfect items as well www.moiminnie.blogspot.com x

  4. oh, nice blog! I love your photos,I follow you! Follow me?
    Kisses! :)

  5. Polyvore sets makes me wish to have a life that organized, kind of stressing actually!