February 23, 2013

'Noir' part II

This pictures didn't made the blog in the first place because I didn't liked the lighting, but I've changed my 
mind and put it on whatsoever (you may have seen it on Instagram). It belongs to the pictures of the previous post☟. 

So today my package came in, after six days of waiting and excitement. I don't want to spoil everything 
by saying what I ordered, so you must wait till the next post. (probably monday) 


  1. wow, amazing purposes, simply loving them
    i hope youll like my blog as i love your one!!
    definitely keep like this and i wish we could follow each oter and stay in touch and reading us :))

    loads of love!


  2. Mooie foto, leuke outfit, top belichting, goed dat je 'm geplaatst hebt!

    ik kom nog vaker langs snuffelen op je blog xox Lieke

  3. I think it looks lovely - I just adore this minimalistic look x

  4. goede keuze, het is een geweldige foto!
    en ik heb net je blog herontdekt! hoe kon ik die uit het oog verliezen, heel fijn !!

  5. Wat een leuke outfit, wellicht helemaal zwart maar daar houden we van!