February 08, 2013


This post took a lot of time.. Not to make or shoot the pictures but to find time! Because since 
monday I'm a full-time intern and I 'work' a lot! I noticed I'm not really used to long days from 9 am till 5 pm. 
I come home at six, eat, read or watch tv and fall asleep around 10 pm. 
So I need to plan my blogging schedule and need to make some effort for doing stuff I love, like blogging.  

It's funny how I said in a previous post  'It's strange to show my undies on here :p' and now I'm dedicating a whole post to it. 
Well, underwear is a fashion-related subject isn't it? And since this is a fashion/life diary blog I can post whatever I want. 
As you can see they're all soft lace bra's, my favorite!  They're just so comfortable and cute (in my opinion). 
I love wearing them underneath a basic white tee or in summer underneath an oversized tanktop. 
Just pay attention when it gets cold.. ^_^.

Navy and purple ones are from h&m, the black one from Monki. 


  1. This has to be the most perfect underwear I've ever seen. I usually go for sports bras, but might try this kind in the near future :) x

  2. amazing blacks!! lace <3 want <3
    share the feeling <3

    wish you a wonderful saturday night <3

    love xxxxxxx