March 16, 2013


I'm wearing a Monki cardigan, h&m long tee, Primark jeans and Zara boots.

Finally a new outfit post! I'm so happy to finally show my new clothes. This cardigan is so comfy and I love the 
layer effect, this long tee is just perfect. It can be worn as a dress in summer and has a small cut on the side which 
separate the longer back from the front. Well this jeans is just my favorite discovery. I got multiple pares which are 
all black, simple and slim fitted. I will never go back to other jeans, so simple classic and remarkable good quality. 
And these boots are the ones from my last post ☜. Just a little more subtle than Dr. Martens with laces and a zipper. 

Upcoming week I have morning services at my internship, which means I start at 06:45 (help!). 
But it also means that I' finish early, which means more time for blogging! By the way.. I'm turning 18 on monday! 
I doesn't feels really special actually... Year after year I couldn't wait till my birthday and I was all nervous 
for some reason, but this year.. Yeah I don't know, I know that I'll be 'working' all day and I didn't made any plans. 

I'm actually thinking about buying myself a little present. Maybe a dark red lipstick? Nr. 18 from Chanel looks good :-).
Wearing nr 18, when I'm 18 on March 18. Coincidence? 


  1. Such a cute blog!Definatelly following you!

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  2. totally loooove this all black outfit

    i have just followed your blog
    follow mine if you like it <3
    style frontier

  3. amazing total black seriusly
    i have to love you.

    hope we follow and stay in touch! im going!!


  4. I absolutely love the cardigan! I actually love most of your outfits lately because of the all black concept :)

  5. love your blog
    im following you on bloglovin<3
    i would love to be followed back

  6. in love with this ALL BLACK LOOK. esp when it is from MONKI!

    Issa x

  7. Amazing cardigan! What is the style name of it?

  8. love black outfits, You look gorgeous! xoxo

  9. J'adore ta tenue, je deviens membre !!

  10. blank on black never ever ever gets old. i love the long, layered style.

  11. Yikes, good luck getting up! I loved those boots in the previous post, they look even better with an all black outfit! So cool. Happy bday sweetie, and go for the lipstick, you should spoil yourself on your day :) x

  12. I really like this outfit! I should really get a cardigan like that! :)

  13. Loving the all black look, great photos too, thanks for posting! :)

  14. This look is perfect. Now following :) Also, if you could please vote for my photo here:
    That would mean a lot as I'm trying to win a contest for my birthday coming up. It's ending tomorrow, so If you could vote for me, it would mean the world! Thanks in advance! Best Regards, Bobby

  15. My God you are perfect. How did I not discover your blog before? Everything from the styling to the backdrop is just...yep. Vvvv good xx Happy birthday!

  16. Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!
    En die chanel lipstick klinkt als een goed idee :)


  17. Gorgeous, sooo cool.
    You have a lovely blog, maybe we could follow each other?


  18. You look great !
    Love the boots !

  19. Black on black is always good

  20. wow!
    what a cool black total look!
    perfect layering!
    love all about this outfit!