April 07, 2013



So I actually scheduled a post for last thursday but after looking if over a few times I decided to delete it. 
Quality over quantity, period! I know you guys probably want to see a bit more but I'm not gonna 
post blurry and non-satisfying posts, If you get what I mean (a subject I'd spoke about). 

So here's a brand new post of the outfit I wore today. 

Where to start.. I got a hate-love relationship with the well know store Primark. Once in while I drop 
by to pick up a few basic and essential pieces. Socks, tights and of course the simple jeans 
I'd talk about in a few other posts. But actual clothing? Nahh not really, I think it's a bit 'too stylish' 
for me. Too focused on trends. And I'm more back to basic and wear what I like, if it's in style or not. 

Although I'm not a big fan of the store I must say the price/quality ratio is quite good. And so.. I actually 
found something last friday! This simple black dress. Can be worn in summer and winter and is just the right length. 
I'm not expecting this dress will last years and years but for the price I'd payed it's really good! 

I'm wearing a Primark dress, Soaked cardigan and boots are from Zara.


  1. staat je heel mooi dit!
    Ik weet het ook nooit zo goed met primark. Soms hebben ze leuke dingen, maar ik vind het sowieso al vreselijk om erheen te gaan. Het lijkt wel de huishoudbeurs.

  2. That dress is actually very cool and not trendy in that "you"ll-only-wear-it-one-season" way. It's actually simple and gorgeous and can be combined in million different ways! And I agree about quality over quantity - happened to me so many times! x

  3. This is so amazing!
    Perfect! :)

  4. love how simple but effective your outfits are!

  5. Wat een mooie foto's. De ruimte is er ook prachtig bij; simplistisch, maar interessant. :)

  6. hele leuke jurk, voor primark
    ik snap wel wat je bedoelt met haat-liefde verhouding

    maar in dit geval: leuke outfit en leuke foto's !

  7. Love how your hair blends with all your outfits :)

  8. I love your photographs and the way you drape them here! xx

  9. "A bit too stylish for me." I like that. There's nothing worse than being on-trend.