April 27, 2013


It took me 20 days this time.. 20 days to come up with a new post, a new idea, and a bit of spare time.
The last few days has been very hectic. I worked other shifts on my internship (from 12 at noon till 8 P.M) 
so when I'm finally home it's around 9.30 at night and I'm not really thinking about blogging anymore. 
And so does my 'photographer friend' who just goes to school at normal hours so we can't really meet up. 
But post like this I can do myself and as today I didn't have to work, went to Amsterdam to shop a little 
and just relaxed and enjoyed my free day. 

A dark red lipstick. That was one of my items on my wishlist that took so long to take off! 
Today I finally went to the Mac store and found myself the perfect lipstick. I went to many 
different stores with the question if they'd got 'this' color, while pointing at my nailpolish 
or a picture on my phone. I've got a lot of headshakings, or colors that were almost the same 
but not exactly, so my search continued. Until today. 

I'd actually never tried Mac cosmetics before, and I think I've found the perfect make-up brand now!
I'm not really a big make-up freak, I mostly wear a light foundation a thin layer of powder and a mascara. 
However I think this lipstick will make a change here. I'd chose a dark red/burgundy matte lipstick which is
called 'diva'. It smells really good (like candy) and looks just so beautiful! I don't really like 
shimmers or glitters so I really like this one. It cost 18,50 euros and really is worth the price.

I never knew I could talk this much about make-up, but I think 
you all understand: I love my new lipstick!

P.S: 3 weeks until I'm finally done with my internship and I'm gonna try to post a bit more.


  1. it looks lovely


  2. This shade looks good. Love these dark lipsticks... To hell with the lets wear lighter shades now its summer, I'm all over this dark lip look still...maybe not every day but when I feel it. I'm often wearing bright red, dark purple, berry colours etc.

  3. Don't apologize, we've all been there - feeling uninspired and having no time! Love the new lipstick though, dark reds are always so elegant in my opinion x

  4. Lovely colour. When I'm not wearing a nude I love a strong lip, plums, bright purple, deep berries, and this one you found here is great! I found my perfect red in topshop to my surprise. A dark red matt and the staying power is incredible, so know how you feel when you find something that 'fits'