May 12, 2013


I'm wearing a simple blackturtle neck from c&a, mmmxh&m jacket, 
Ray Ban sunglasses and MAC lipstick

although the weather is getting better and better, I still like to dress for fall/winter. I just 
like the clothing style more, the layers and especially the colors. And with colors I mean black (obviously).
 Black says enough for me.

A long long long time ago (yeah i know I've been a bad blogger), I bought this incredible jacket. 
To me it's more then 'just a jacket'. It's a piece to wear occasionally, to look and to enjoy the beauty of it. 
I see it as a piece of art. And not just because it's from Margiela. Designers don't just design clothes,
they create something in their minds. With visuals, thoughts and sometimes already colors and fabrics, like artist do.

(I actually made a video of this jacket while making this picture, but I'm not sure yet if I'm gonna put it up here) 


  1. love this look. beautiful jacket!

  2. Gorgeous look! There is always something so badass about leather and dark red lips! x