May 23, 2013


I'm done. And by done I don't mean done with blogging or done with something sad. I am finally done with my internship! 
Woohh! Yesterday I'd my last day working as an intern for 'De Telegraaf' (a dutch newspaper) and I'm so ready to have 
all this free time! 3 full months of vacation where I can finally do everything I wanted to do for so long. Just the 
regular things like I did before. Blogging, reading, go shopping and not buying, drinking coffee at cute places and do nothing you know? 

So I'm planning to work on my paper today (which I need to present as final assignment) and after I want to visit 
a local thriftstore. So quite relaxing :). I've got this tea as a present before I left yesterday, and I'm so surprised 
that they remembered. I once said that I love Chai Tea Latte with soymilk from Starbucks so this is perfect for at home. 

I like posts like this; simple, fast and about things I like. A 'fashion' blog doesn't need to go about fashion doesn't it? 
That's why I don't like to call my blog a FASHIONBLOG, ugghh. 
I blog about things I like; that inspire me and things that happened to me and I hope you all like it that way. 
Oh and did I told you I went to The XX concert?! Wow! Last Monday they were playing in Amsterdam and I had one 
of the best nights ever. The way they'd perform and the lighting were perfect and I'm even more fangirling. 


  1. i love chai tea! i order soy chair tea latte, too.
    if you can, try and source a true indian chai tea, they're so much spicier and deeper than the ones that you buy from the supermarket - yummy!

  2. Congrats! Haha, I love the "go shopping and not buying" part! I agree with you about blogs - I too consider my blog more of a diary for collecting my thoughts and all of the stuff I like. But somehow, I always get labeled as a fashion blog. I think that if you post outfits and styling shots - people automatically label your blog as a fashion blog. But I made peace with it, haha, what do you do :) x