May 31, 2013


I'm wearing a Soaked cardigan, long h&m t-shirt, cut-off h&m jeans, Monki shoes and Zara bag

Last Tuesday I went to Amsterdam by myself, because all my friends are still in school.. And it turned out to be 
a quite hot day so I took my 'summer oufit' out of the closet ;-p. Summer makes it hard for those who wear black 
all the time, ME. So I found these jeans again, that I'd cut-off last summer ⟶ here ⟵ and they were perfect for 
that day. I went to Waterlooplein, it's an all week fleamarket and after I went to centre of Amsterdam. Although 
I went to all my favorite stores, I didn't bought anything, except for tea, so I can't show you my 'new' stuff. 

The other day I also took some outfit pictures but they'd turn out blurry and these were made with another camera 
which gave the pictures a bit of a white glow. Don't know yet if I like it but it's time for a camera check up. 

Did you'd noticed I'm already more blogging the last week than I did in the last few months! 


  1. prachtig!!

    xx Mounia

  2. Hands down best style I have ever seen. LOVE this blog.
    I'd love if you could take a look at mine -

  3. I adore your style! I only ever wear black, we're kindred spirits. Great use of layering, and so jealous you went to Waterlooplein. When I went to Amsterdam earlier this year I spent about 5 hours there, it's absolutley brilliant. Amsterdam is such a great city. Followed you, wonderful outfit and blog!

  4. perfect outfit!!


  5. Loving this look, you always manage to make dull black so interesting. Gorgeous! x

  6. I love your blog! I just sort of happened upon it and I really like what you're doing. I happen to be a huge fan of black. White too. And that's pretty much all. I love to see other people keeping it minimal. Great pictures :)


  7. Great cardigan grrrl. Wudda been cool hanging in Amsterdam for the day. Good thinking with those cut off jeans, sometimes I find it hard dressing for summer too, I hear you! x