June 10, 2013


As I told you in the previous post, I've cut my hair! Yes, me, myself, have cut my hair; and this is the result! 
I must say it looks quite good for a non-hair-interested person without any experience. I just wanted to chop it off and 
no bullshit besides, so why not do it myself? I'm not sure yet if I should keep it black or not, while it's fading already. 
Advice? Anyone?  This post took a while because I didn't directly got the pictures and it took some time to find the right 
lightning (in photoshop), because there was too much light while taking them. 

So now it's 2.30 AM while I'm writing this, and I need to get up at 9 to get to work.. 

Although I did it like almost 2 weeks ago, I still got that feeling that I got something 'new', you know what I mean? 
Like a new piercing or something, something that changes your appearance, or a new hairdo. And talking about piercings 
and tattoos. Oke, I didn't talked about tattoos but I want to; I thinking about getting a simple minimalistic one like 
a square or maybe a thin line. I'm also quite a fan of human hearts.. (I'm not a freak). But that's one 
to save for later. I'm not sure yet so It won't be tomorrow that I got it, but I will keep you posted! 

I'm wearing a basic black tee from h&m.


  1. Ziek leuk dat je je haar gewoon zelf hebt geknipt. Als je erover nadenkt is het zo raar hoeveel geld we uitgeven aan de kapper, terwijl het helemaal niet zo gek moeilijk is haha.

  2. Wow, I'm all for longer hair and actually I really like how this style looks on you! Rock it babe xx