June 30, 2013


Last Thursday when I went out to dinner with my sister, I wore my Maison Martin Margiela x H&M jacket and found a hidden secret! 
It has a button under the collar, and of course I went looking for the extra buttonhole. I never knew I could wear it this way,
all tight up to my neck. I can't wait till winter to wear it this way with some  black jeans and  boots. I like the way this
jacket has a little twist but also has it simplicity so it can be worn over and over again. 

I also tried on my dream shoes. Beautiful Alexander Wang boots. Not actually my dream shoes but shoes I've looked over so
many times online and couldn't get out of my head. The textures, colors and details which Alexander Wang uses in his designs 
always get to me. This is a brand which I absolutely adore, season after season, collection after collection and piece after 
piece. When I tried them on they actually weren't as beautiful as when they'd stand on the presentation table, so you 
understand I was a bit disappointed. Although it is a lot of money I really want to buy one pair of designer 
(probably Wang) boots, not necessarily now but in the near future.

It has been a while.. And again I don't really have a reason for this last break. Sometimes it just feels so good to take a 
moment for myself and enjoy everything besides the internet and social media. And talking about internet.. And which started 
as a rumor is nowin fact the real deal. goodbye Google-friendconnect, hello Bloglovin. If I like it or not, starting next week 
the new way to follow your favorite blogs is by Bloglovin. I don't really now what the benefits of Bloglovin are, but they 
probably have worked it out so I think we just have to give it a chance..  FOLLOW MY BLOG WITH BLOGLOVIN


  1. Mooi zo met die kraag! Leuk als je dat dan ontdekt, net iets extra's.
    En alexander wang, ja, dat is inderdaad zo prachtig.