June 04, 2013


Those who follow me on instagram probably already know that I've cut my hair, yess!! Last Wednesday I found my
inner hairdresser and set it free. For I while I wanted to change my hair but didn't know what to do.
So when I Wednesday came home from work, frustrated and hating my hair, I knew it was time.

I actually made two ponytails and just chopped it off. I think your hair and clothes are your trademark,
but when you want something new you don't need to be scared. It grows back anyway and you always find a way to like
it. Otherwise you'll be fantasizing forever about how it ''might'' look. But I never did cut it before, so this was
a new experience ✂.

A crazy impulsive experience but I'm really obsessed with my new hair (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧.


  1. I've been actually seriously considering to chop mine as well. I think you just made me even more sure! xx

  2. Wow I was never that brave haha! I used to cut my own bangs though, but would never dare to chop a lot of my hair off! Can't wait to see the new do :) x

  3. Oe! Ik ben heel benieuwd naar het eindresultaat!

    xx Riëlle


  4. Wauw..ben benieuwd..groot stuk is er af.

    xx Mounia

  5. Whoa that's quite the bold move. I don't have enough hair to do that with, but I would if I could.


  6. I've been thinking about cutting my hair too... But at first I've decided to dye my hair tints and then cut it off. Just need some experiments, because I felt my hair was boring and I get used to it...
    Love your photos!


  7. OH WOW, nice way to show ur courage on ur hair!!