October 27, 2013


Monki coat

Every month before paycheck I make one particular list. A list with stuff I need and can spend money on without guilt. 
One of the things on this months lists was a long cardigan/coat or blazer. So when I visited Monki last friday I found 
a perfect replacement for my Soaked cardigan which I use at least every week. 

Another thing on my list was a oversized, and I mean really oversized scarf. One that I can wrap myself in during winter 
and one that also can be used as a statement. I got myself a large piece of fabric which I only need to get thru the sewing 
machine to prevent the edges to fray. I got it in this simple plastic bag and I'm thinking to use this minimal design to make 
a leather one or maybe one from a thicker kind of plastic. 


  1. Monki's coats are always absolutely gorgeous! I love the lenght of yours, it looks perfect on you. I'm actually looking for a similar one :)

  2. Je jas is echt geweldig! En dat idee van de tas is leuk, ziet er vast super uit!

  3. Love this outfit, so simple but with a subtle edge. That coat is amazing, I was thinking of get one like that but
    I was afraid I would drown in it, since I'm so short. I like the whole list idea to, I think I'll try it. x


  4. Amazing outfit, I really love it!! The silhouette is so good! Great post <3 xxxx

  5. I really really like your coat. I have to get a similar one too, it's so simple and timeless. xx

  6. geweldige jas!


  7. Great coat. And I'm looking for an oversized scarf as well!

    xx R U I B R I

  8. wauw love it ! Is that the Lana Blazer ?

  9. i do exactly the same thing, each and every month, haha

    and i got a real nice oversized scarf from Monki, it's black and white and very wide so i just wrap it all around my head when it's raining instead of carrying an umbrella :)

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  11. hi, i just wanted to know what size your lana blazer is? i loveee this look and want this coat but unsure if a small or xs is better...ima round the same size as you :) thanks!